After completing his university studies in 2018 Kandarp wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay in Canberra but applied for a graduate position as a Software Developer with E&P and was successful.

Since then he hasn’t looked back and has promoted to the role of Senior Software Developer.

Career development and opportunities

“Having completed a double degree in Software Engineering and Commerce I was so happy to be working with a diversified financial services business, as it has allowed me to pursue opportunities that capitalise on both areas of my studies and what I’m genuinely interested in,” says Kandarp.

As a full-stack developer Kandarp works on both frontend (user interface/experience) and backend (database/logic) for an internal application used by E&P.

He explains: “My job mainly involves adding new features to this application. It requires problem solving to come up with solutions and then putting that into code so it can be used. It may be difficult for a student to understand the technical coding part of my job, but they should relate to the logical steps and approach used to tackle these problems. Often this will involve working with others, therefore we have to communicate our ideas and collaborate to build the solution.”

The firm have also supported Kandarp to complete a series of relevant courses as part of his ongoing professional development.

Reflecting on his time with the team

“The coolest thing about my job is being able to work with a great team to solve so many different types of problems. I’m often faced with new problems that have no set solution so it’s up to me to break things down and find an effective time-saving solution. I may get ideas from others in the team which gives me a new perspective to solve these problems. Some of my most satisfying moments have been after implementing a solution and being able to show the result on the application. Having others use something you have helped build is very rewarding,” he adds.