There are currently a number of scams operating that target Australian financial businesses and their investors.

Correspondence is typically via email or SMS, using real company names and logos, and may include embedded hyperlinks or buttons, directions to a website, or similar instructions included within an SMS. In some cases customers may receive a phone call requesting confirmation of personal information and banking details.

Certain E&P funds may have been the target of ‘phishing’ attacks where our branding has been used in email communication or a text message in an attempt to entice individuals to hand over their personal and financial information.

You should not expect to receive a request from E&P Funds or any of our funds asking for personal or financial information, or requesting that you make a payment or provide credit card details. While the correspondence may appear convincing, you should never provide your personal information or click on any link that requests you provide this information unless you trust the source.

Electronic scams typically seek a response or action from you to provide personal information such as online account login details, or will request you make payment of an invoice. Should you receive any correspondence purporting to be from E&P Funds Management Pty Limited, E&P Investments Limited or from any of the ASX listed (or unlisted) funds managed by the group that you suspect may be fraudulent – do not respond, but please contact us.

Phone 1300 454 801
Email [email protected]
(please include the email you received as an attachment)

Funds related to E&P Funds Management Pty Limited and E&P Investments Limited can be found here.