A specialist multi-billion dollar global fund manager, delivering high-quality investment opportunities.

E&P Funds is a Sydney-based specialist global fund manager established in 2007. E&P Funds has a multi-billion dollar portfolio of client assets under management across global equities, residential and commercial property, private equity, fixed income, and sustainable and social investments.

High-quality investment opportunities are not always readily accessible to investors. We provide investors with access to market segments that are often beyond reach, helping them build better, high-quality diversified portfolios.

Our approach is to focus exclusively on markets that meet specific criteria providing:

  • superior return potential and diversification power
  • opportunities to identify mispriced assets through active management
  • scope to leverage our sustainable competitive advantage.

Our philosophy

We are dedicated to protecting and growing our clients’ wealth over time. Every decision we make is with the goal of advancing our clients’ best interests. We focus only on the most attractive investment opportunities for our clients, without bias toward any particular asset class.

Our philosophy toward investment encompasses the following:

  • Value orientation and total return focus – investing on the basis of fundamentally attractive valuations, with focus on total returns.
  • Research driven, conservative but high conviction – our investment selections are based on extensive market research, and while we consider ourselves conservative, our strong research element allows us to be high-conviction investors.
  • Entrepreneurial investors with a flexible approach – our entrepreneurial, flexible approach allows us to structure investments and build operating platforms which can access often out-of-reach markets globally.
  • Asset agnostic – we have no structural bias toward any particular asset. When our research determines an asset class is attractive, we will pursue it; conversely when that same asset class is deemed no longer attractive, we will exit the asset class.

Why invest with us

E&P Funds has a successful track record of investing across diverse global asset classes, specialising in turning inefficiencies in markets into opportunities. Our unique investment strategies bring superior return potential and diversifying power to our clients’ investment portfolios.

Our point of difference lies in our approach, which is centred on leveraging the knowledge and networks of our team of entrepreneurial investment professionals. We pride ourselves on the quality of our long-term relationships and global partnerships that we have cultivated for the benefit of our clients.

This approach uniquely positions us to be nimble and responsive to changing global market conditions through insights and access to the very best investment opportunities around the world.

Find out how we can help you better build a high-quality, diversified portfolio.

Our team

Our highly qualified team of investment professionals are committed to advancing our clients’ best interests with excellence and integrity. Each team member reflects our core values of quality, entrepreneurial spirit, long-term personal relationships, and integrity.

Funds overview

We invest across a diverse cross section of global asset classes including Asian and Emerging Market equities, residential and commercial property, US private equity, fixed income, and forward thinking social and sustainable investments.


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