Are you looking to take control of your retirement through super?

More than a million Australians have invested hundreds of billions of dollars into self managed super funds (SMSFs)to take control of their retirement. They have chosen to manage their super today to make their own decisions and optimise the choices they will have in retirement.

Key reasons why you might choose to establish an SMSF

In our experience, SMSFs are popular with Australian investors who are seeking:

  • Choice – to access a wide range of investment options.
  • Control – to pool family assets, make active decisions to grow wealth for retirement and build a strategy for their beneficiaries and their own later years.
  • Flexibility – to change investments and the structure of their super as needed, and to implement effective tax strategies.
  • Transparency – to have greater visibility over how their investments are tracking.

Match your super investments to your retirement goals

Everyone’s plan for retirement is personal, and that’s why investment goals and attitudes towards risk are also different. Depending on your individual circumstances and requirements, an SMSF could be an effective way to build wealth for retirement. The flexibility of an SMSF could give you greater control over your own investment decisions and tailor your super to support your own retirement objectives.

Key considerations

What sets SMSF trustees apart is their desire to be actively involved in managing their super and retirement strategy. Successfully managing an SMSF takes time, commitment and expertise and is therefore not the solution for everyone. There are also some decisions in relation to establishing and managing an SMSF that you may prefer to make in conjunction with an expert who can help you address some of the complexities associated with SMSFs, such as:

Find out if self managed super is right for you

If you’re considering an SMSF, contact us to find out how our SMSF Accounting service may be able to help you.


1. 1,075,267 Australians have invested $575,441 million in to SMSFs. Data is accurate as at December 2015 and was extracted on 11 January 2016 by Australian Taxation Office, ‘Self-managed super fund statistical report – December 2015’, viewed 8 November 2016