Partnering with E&P to help support your SMSF provides many benefits. As the trustee, you are ultimately responsible for making all the key decisions and can elect to receive the level of technical support you want from our SMSF specialists. This allows you to retain complete control over your SMSF, while at the same time having the opportunity to benefit from ongoing access to our SMSF specialists.

Our SMSF Accounting team offers trustees a supported SMSF service that includes:

  • preparation of trustee minutes and compliance documents
  • a dedicated SMSF accountant
  • SMSF trust deed update
  • preparation of annual financial statements and tax return
  • commencement and maintenance of pension accounts
  • coordination and maintenance of pension accounts
  • coordination of annual audit
  • annual pension and contribution reviews
  • mail house for the SMSF
  • Australian Tax Office (ATO) reporting obligations including PAYG and BAS.

If you’re open to discussing your SMSF options, contact us to speak with one of our SMSF specialists.

Need additional wealth management support?

As part of the E&P Financial Group, you can also access additional wealth management services through our network of specialists. Additional fees apply.

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